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Welcome To The American Buckskins of Florida
We are a charter member of the American Buckskin Registry Association that is a family oriented club with the purpose of promoting, breeding and showing buckskin, dun and grulla horses
BUCKSKIN- Body coat some shade of tan, from very light(creme)to very dark(bronze). Points(mane, tail, legs and ear frames) are black to dark brown. Dorsal stripe not required.

DUN- Body coat some shade of tan, from very light( creme) to a dull or smutty brown(earth tone). Points, dorsal stripe and other dun factor markings are dirty black to smutty brown. Dorsal stripe required.

RED DUN- Body coat a reddish tan without the range of shades as seen in the other colors. Points and dun factor points a reddish brown and must show contrast with the body coat. Dorsal stripe required.

GRULLA- Body coat slate colored(bluish gray as the blue heron) from light blue gray to a browish shade. Points and dun factor markings are black. Dorsal stripe required.